New Research Finds Mobile Marketing On The rise for Consumer Products and Services

With the skyrocketing use of smartphones and tablet computers, marketers have a great new opportunity. From social media to practical use like GPS navigation and news feeds – marketers are empowered like never before to get closer to target audiences. According to a recent Forrester Research study* of 43,000 consumers in the US and Canada:

– 23% of Generation X & Y consumers (18 to 44 year olds) own a smartphone compared to 17% of the overall population

– 85% of Generation Y (18 to 30 year olds) send and receive text messages

– 27% of Generation Y use mobile devices for social networking

Marketers should take advantage of this new channel to better leverage their marketing budget and improve ROI. But where should a marketing professional begin? Thankfully, mobile marketing companies are available to help businesses make the most out of this new avenue.

So to leverage the marketing dollar, businesses need to evaluate mobile marketing companies. As part of the evaluation the enterprise should look at the following items:

– Experience level. To be fair, mobile marketing hasn’t even been around that long – a few years at the most. But the types of experience that the company brings to the table can go a long way. A Fortune 500 company does not want someone who has only built an app for one deli shop in Manhattan, for example.

– Innovation. As with any marketing initiative, mobile marketing requires a great deal of creativity. The company should demonstrate at least three different approaches to a marketing plan. Would we only use SMS/text messages? Is there an interactive game or promotion? Will there be a link to a company consumer website?

– Platforms. While Android owns the market at this time, Apple, Blackberry, Microsoft and others are out there. Therefore the mobile marketing app should be available on multiple platforms. While the app does not need to run on ALL platforms, it should at least cover the top three.