5 Things Every Business Tablet Owner Should Have

So you have a new tablet. It’s so new and cool and shiny. Sure you got it for “business”, but we all know you like to watch movies and play games on it too. That’s okay, all work and no play makes Jack (or Jill) rather dull (and stressed out). Sure apps are great and, […]

Top 5 Business Apps for iPads

Having an iPad (or other tablet) might be the next magical and amazing thing, but it’s the apps that win the day. However with all the games (who doesn’t love Angry Birds, really), star gazing apps (which are amazing and worth every penny), and “non-business” apps, you might wonder how and why iPads (and tablets […]

Should I build an App or optimize my current website for mobile ?

Marketers are being overwhelmed with new information everyday about what’s going on in the mobile space. When it comes to choosing a mobile application development strategy consider the folowing options: Should I optimize my current web site to be viewed on different mobile devices? Do I really need a mobile application to reach my audience, […]