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Why SMS Marketing?

Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging is used by billions of people worldwide. It would be an understatement on my part to say that SMS may be used also by a mobile marketing agency to suggest ways to advertise.

In one early case of successful SMS marketing by Boomtext, for example, a pizza shop placed a sign next to its cash register inviting customers to text the word “hungry” to the shop for a chance to win a free pizza. Now text marketing for that shop has grown into a major SMS communication channel between the pizza sellers and their many customers, who gladly receive weekly updates on specials (Venezia’s Pizzeria case study, 2008 to present).

The growing mobile marketing agency, Hipcricket, increased its business ten times over, in the space of one year alone. By the end of that year, 2010, it divulged that its brand clients preferred to use SMS for their ads, instead of app banners, more than half the time (MobileMarketingWatch, November 1, 2010). This indication points in the direction of what works, rather than what used to work. While I know SMS has not taken over mobile marketing by any means, there are consumer demographics indicating that in a certain young age group, texting surely is “in” and won’t go out soon. Also, within that group is a distinct reliance upon, and true appreciation of, local advertising showing the way to nearby restaurants and stores needed urgently by mobile users moving about in their typical daily activities.

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